Advocacy Round Table on the Future for the Nigerian Polytechnic System


The establishment of Technical and Vocational Education as an important arm of the Nigerian education landscape has a historical relevance in the development of the nation. Nigerian Polytechnics, sitting at the tertiary level of the technical and vocational education landscape were established with the overriding aim of contributing to national development through the development of manpower training relevant to the development direction of the nation. With about 146 polytechnics (with 81 owned by both federal and state governments in the country) within a period of 58 years, the jury is out on the current direction of these institutions vis a vis fulfillment of the sectoral mandate. The continued relevance of Polytechnics in Nigeria (in their current state) has continued to undergo interrogation particularly as the nation continues to grapple with severe socio economic challenges.

There is therefore a need to review the prevailing development profile of Nigerian Polytechnics juxtaposing same with sectoral mandate fulfillment in the face of the nation’s industrial and economic woes.


  1. To interrogate the growth profile of the Nigeria Polytechnic System and its relevance to National development.
  2. To identify factors mitigating the impact of the Nigeria Polytechnic System on national economy.
  3. To generate issues for advocacy in the direction of addressing the mitigating factors identified in 2.
  4. To identify platforms for mainstreaming the Nigeria Polytechnic System into the Nation’s growth and development plans.
  5. To build a consensus amongst critical stakeholders on the desired direction of growth for the sector.

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